Why my iphone 6 can not access internet using Wi-Fi at home

The most common reason why an iPhone 6 cannot access the Internet using a home router is a problem with reconciling router IP addresses. The address normally used by Linksys broadband routers is set up to be used with specific address specifications from consoles, printers, and other devices.

The best way to sidestep problems accessing the Internet at home using Wi-Fi on an iPhone 6, is making sure all specifications are routed to the correct IP address. This is a simple and often overlooked step when including new media devices into everyday use.

Using the will allow users to directly log in to the router’s administrative portal. From there, all troubleshooting and complex configuration problems can be resolved. When the correct IP addresses are confirmed, and all systems seem to be compliant, trouble can still be experienced with connection. This is an indication that the iPhone 6 user should begin a troubleshooting protocol with specific focus on the user’s network.

Once troubleshooting begins, users will often discover many problems with wireless connections rather that the intricate systems of a new iPhone 6 device. These troubleshooting problems can include in-home interference issues, adapter and security problems, or system-specific filtering. Filtering can be a problems especially in wireless environments where Mac system are utilized. Connecting to a wireless in-home system from an new iPhone 6 could also be a simple Firewall inconsistency. The best way to resolve these problems is to consult with a technical service that is able to monitor all aspects of a router, a new iPhone and current specifications like the router address.